The most delicate moment

6 Jan


  A long time devoted to small details exalts us and increases our strength.

—Hermann Hesse, Journey to the East

Courtesy to Alec Nevale-Lee

The most delicate moment for a writer is  in the beginnings of a sentence, for a maestro in the opening of an opus, and for you in taking  a sip from a  glass of champagne Dom Perignion, a milissime year, while a cigar burns low at the tip of your fingers,  sitting back and indulge this special moment,  to finally see  the day of accomplishment of your goals.

All the above is about taste. And you may say :

_” Tastes, and colors, it is a matter of personal appreciation, and can not be arguable.”

And I give you that, save  that these are sensorial organs that can be educated, and with some knowledge  acquired, can be developed, while others are innate. So, a mother is the first teacher to her baby; from her he learned the meaning of  sounds of the mother tongue,  and along  she taught him to put names on things of life, the feel of the sun on his skin as  she played with shadows of her fingers, and the taste of lemon zest. Other teachers took the baton-relay on our education path, we learned aesthetics, semantics, aside arithmetic, language and Arts.

“A long time devoted to small details exalts us and increases our strength.”

Until the day when you graduated from the school of life, from street talk, and passing by walker humming his song, to begin thrusting you self, and making decision. Then comes along the delicate moment when you say ” wow” in front of a masterpiece, a tiny piece of cheese cake, or simply the fact that an anonymous street artist can from banal object  make it like with magic to a work of Art of genius.

This is a ulogie to all the teachers that had contributed in  all my life to perfect my sense of aesthetic, and from the poets and writers the sense of the balance and the turn of a sentence.

A particular thanks to Mr. Alec Nevala-Lee


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